boy in skorts

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 14 Jul 2014 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For a male human being finding the right shorts isn't that easy. For this summer I was looking for some interessting shorts. I needed some shorts that could fit with anything, so they had to be plain, but I didn't want them to look boring or run-of-the-mine. Finding something that would correspond with my expectation, wasn't easy. Until I gave Zara I visit and found these bad-boys! 

These are normal, black shorts, but with two extra panels of fabric on the front, so they look a bit like a skirt, kind of like skorts for women. These shorts are excatly what I was looking for, plus, they are made of sweatshirt-fleece, so they are super comfy! Definitely One of my summer essentials!

What I am wearing:

Cap: NoName
Necklace: DIY
Tee: O-Mighty -
Skorts: Zara
Shoes: Doc Martens

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2 Kommentare

  1. I absolutely adore your style!! It is so absolutely on point and my jaw literally fell to the ground when I found you on lookbook. Plus, you even make some of your stuff which is even more mind blowing! Haha idk where I'm going with this but I hope you know how amazing you are and have a great day :)