~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 9 Nov 2015 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had made a design for a T-Shirt a while ago, but I hadn't found a print shop, that meet my requirements.Until a month ago, when I found a print shop from New Zeeland called <a href="http://www.kapinua.com">kapinua</a>, that not only was cheap, but they also print hockey jerseys. So, since I have been wanting a hockey jersey for a while and I also had the T-Shirt design laying around for a while, I decided to order me an all over printed hockey jersey.

I am really impressed with how the print turned out to be. The colours are vivid and exactly how I created them. Also, the fabric is thick and really soft. So if you want your own T-Shirt or jersey of any kind give kapinua a visit!

What I am wearing:

Tee: DIY
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Doc Martens

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