~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 14 Dec 2015 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 This shirt was actually the one wore to prom. I was looking for something colourful and weird at the time, but I couldn't find something that I really liked. So I decided to sew one myself. But since sewing a shirt is one of the hardest things to sew ever, my mum offered to help me out. And she made literally the perfect shirt for me. It is made-to-measure and looks so perfect, as if it came right from the shops. 
Mum's still the best.

What I am wearing:

Shirt: DIY
Pants: C&A
Socks: Topman
Shoes: Reebok

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1 Kommentare

  1. Ohhh, your mom is the best ever! The shirt is so much cool and I like that you accented with pops of yellow. Your curls are so pretty! Hair tutorial? =D x

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW