pink camo

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 20 Jan 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few days ago I asked my dad if he had some clothes, that he doesn't wear anymore, hoping that he would give me some I could wear myself. He gave me a few shirts and this pair of jeans. He said that he doesn't wear these any more, because they look too old fashioned. I think he was wrong, the don't look old fashioned as long as you combine them with the right items. So I came up with this trashy, vintage look, combining those jeans with a camo Tshirt and a pink beanie.
Try it yourself! Ask your parents if they have some old clothes in their closet and see if you can find yourself some hidden gems. It's really fun and also way cheaper than buying new clothes all the time ;)

What I am wearing:

Shirt: Army Store
Pants: Dad's Closet
Backpack: Sprayground
Shoes: Reebok

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