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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 15 Feb 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I already did a post on this bomber ( you can find it here ), but I added some patches to it. That's why I am writing another one.
I wasn't really happy with the backpatch on this bomber, I don't know why, but I wasn't feeling it. So I was looking for a better one, but I didn't seem to find any that I liked. That's why I decided to make my own backpatch. I bought some thick, white fake-leather and some black, waterproof markers. I loosely sketched out, what I wanted to draw and five attempts later, I made these to patches, inspired by the Thrasher Magazine and Drake. Try it yourself, it's really fun and you can make some really sick patches.

What I am wearing:

Hoodie: NoName
Pants: adidas
Jacket: DIY
Shoes: Doc Martens

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1 Kommentare

  1. Love the bomber jacket! Also a huge fan of your usual pop of pink in your looks, looks clean
    - mikeystyle.com