pretty in pink

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 7 Feb 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I know it's not really the weather for wearing shorts, but I just ordered these puppies and I am in love. These are the Nasir Mazhar x Topman pink, velour-esque shorts. Worn with the matching jacket of course. 

I've bought the Jacket a while ago, because I am a sucker for pink and velour clothing. Back then I also tried on the shorts, but wasn'T sure about the fit and also they were a bit to pricy for my taste. So I ended up not buying them.

But so comes a fashion bloggers best friend: the end-of-season sale. So I decided to buy them for a ridiculously cheap price. And as I said I am in love. They fit really well and they are super cozy. I can't wait to rock this jacket and short combo in the summer. An awesome look, right in between sportswear, highfashion, quirky and dapper.

What I am wearing:

Beanie: NoName
Turtle Neck: H&M
Jacket & Shorts: Nasir Mazhar x Topman
Shoes: Nike SB

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